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Which INDUSTRIES are you targeting?  

Which USE CASES will benefit the most from your technology within those industries? 

Which BLEND OF TECHNOLOGIES do you need for your product offering to shine?

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Find & track your target markets

Engage and convert our audience

Work with Topio Networks to:

Leverage our open access industry research and analysis


Identify the verticals from hundreds of use cases and market analyses for market fit, sizing and timing

Leverage our informed thought leadership 

Drive highly-focused campaigns based on selected use cases and industries, or selected accounts from our 1.2m audience base

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Identify key technology and go-to-market partners

Select the right micro markets for your technology

Validate product-market fit

Map your product market benefits

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Product market fit (map your technology to market industries and use cases)

Lead generation based on selected accounts, use case or verticals

Thought leadership for targeted accounts, use cases or verticals

Beta partners recruitment

Feedback for MVPs

Survey-driven Report on Cellular Connectivity for IoT Projects

Examples of content published by Topio Networks include

Masterclass on Location Based Services

Masterclass on Time Series Database

Masterclass on IoT Device Security

State of the Industry

AI at the Edge

We work with select partners to bring exceptional thought leadership, product solutions and events to our audiences.